Thursday, April 06, 2006

S.A. Easter Egg

NRPG: Adam and Jacqueline JP where she introduces a new character, 'Toasty' the Toaster.
'Hmmmm...' thought Toasty, 'I hope someone uses me to make raisin bread toast.'

'Hello, toasty. Can I have some raisin toast, please" Gabe said, bending down to look at the toaster person thing.

Toasty had been waiting his whole life for this moment. He had already worked his way up to Starfleet Appliance. Now this would be his greatest challenge. Raisin bread toast.

He sat in silence while concentrating on the yummy dried fruit bread that would satisfy Gabe's needs. Satisfy him in ways that tramp Miri never could. At that moment a double slice of raisin bread ejected from his slots.

Gabriel reached down and slid the bread from between Toasty's slots. It felt good, warm, and the smell was intoxicating. He placed the nicely browned raisin toast onto a plate and spread on some butter. Not that cheap kind, no, Gabe used only the good stuff. He covered each piece from crust to crust.

Turning, Gabriel took the plate over to the table and put it down, in front of the chair where Miri sat.

Toasty's initial joy of seeing Gabe spread organically free range beurre au lait on his raisin toast quickly turned to rage. It wasn't for him at all. It was for HER! He silently screamed in rage as he watched that Bajoran whore sink her stinking teeth into his finely browned bread. All his homoerotic appliance fantasies were dashed at that moment.

Miri smiled and toasty could have sworn that it was a mocking smirk.

'Oh Gabe!' She cooed and leaned forward to expose her ample white cleavage to the Lieutenant, 'This is the best bread I've ever had in my life.'

She purred, 'You know, this really makes me hot. Let's go make mad passionate love all afternoon.'

Toasty was beside himself, 'Bread? It's toast you stupid cow!! Toooooooooooooooast!'

"Yes. lets!" Gabe said in a manly voice, ripping off his shirt to reveal the god-like muscles underneath, those that Toasty had dreamed of for so very long. Gabriel then lifted Miri up into his arms and sat her on the edge of the table, taking a large bite out of the infamous raisin toast, then tossing it away as he tore off Miri's blouse.

'Oh Gabe,' she had her hands all over him bringing his body in closer and closer to hers,' Gabe..I have this fantasy. I want to do it on the kitchen counter.'

Toasty wept seeing his toast on the floor.

At that moment Gabe broke away from Miri and walked over to the counter. With one determined move of his muscular arm, he swept away all the 'clutter' on the counter.

Toasty ended up topside in the sink, watching helplessly as Gabe made love to Miri in the exact place he had hoped they would one day share.

But as Toasty sat in the sink and crying to himself and wishing he could just pull the plug on it all, he noticed someone beside him. He wasn't the only one who had been knocked into the sink. There was Blender laying next to him.... WITH HER TOP OFF!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005